Economic freedom within Reach for the BIPOC community

Our programs provide actionable insights, tangible resources, and substantial connections for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color -- starting with Black-owned businesses in Western Canada.

Our Mandate

Founded in 2020, BIPOC Foundation announced its official launch in February 2022 as part of a multi-million dollar federal economic development investment to advance 400 businesses over three years through free offerings for Western Canada’s fastest growing population.

BIPOC Foundation received a first of its kind Recognition in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship at this years Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards 2022. Receiving the award Sinmi Adeoye-Esene Co-Founder of the foundation thanked the Chamber leadership as well as the sponsor of the recognition RINSA (Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta) our Funders PrairiesCan, Advisors, Team and other Ecosystem Partners. She said “We are solving complex challenges and these things take time. We continue to believe in and bet on game changers, we power opportunity, we power equity, we power creators, we power learning, we power communication and we play to win”. Clement, Executive Director thanked the organizers of the event and appreciated the all the business leaders in the room for their commitment in ensuring an equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem.

News Releases

Government of Canada invests in Black entrepreneurship in Alberta

Lethbridge organization supporting Black-led business

Reach & Impact

Our first milestone is to advance 200 Black-led businesses from 2022-2024. Join us!

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Member Support Services


Our Advisory personally assists you to find and navigate the BIPOC Foundation programs that are the right fit for you, provides free on-call consultations for questions and challenges you are facing in your business today, and facilitates Membership options.

We are looking for Volunteers!

BIPOC need your help to make us better please click down below to know more about our volunteering positions

Finance Fridays

Come and join us on March 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. Click on the link below for more info.

Connecting with Black-led innovation across Canada

BIPOC Foundation presents the Building Bridges event in Winnipeg, MB. Featuring a fireside chat with keynote speakers, this is an event for authentic conversations about unlocking pathways for Western Canadian business ecosystems and the future of Black-led start-ups in economic development as part of the fastest-growing population in the region.

Celebrating Black Excellence


No other regional or national organizations currently celebrate Black successes and Black business excellence. We will embrace our part in creating a positive narrative in the Black entrepreneurship ecosystem by designating annual awards for Canada’s Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs, Top 5 Black Women Businesses, and Top 10 Black Businesses.

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