Who We Are

As part of the intricate tapestry of Canadian multiculturalism, BIPOC Foundation was established to create entrepreneurship opportunities for diverse populations at the intersection of economic development and social justice, starting with the Black community. With a three-year $2.6M federal investment announced by Government of Canada in February 2022, we work among a network of influential non-profits delivering on mandates to diversify the Western Canadian economy by establishing an accelerator program, providing foundational business and growth training, and connecting Black entrepreneurs with investors.

We aim to close economic involvement gaps, address the low number of Black-owned businesses regionally, create open and relatable pathways to opportunity, and address the impacts of systemic racism and discrimination.

Our Purpose


Our Vision

To advance Economic Empowerment, Financial Inclusion, and Representation for all entrepreneurs in Western Canada

Our Mission

To craft and deliver a suite of programs to help launch 500 startups in Western Canada by 2030

Our Values

To embody and cultivate Equity, Equality, Empathy, Education, and Inclusion

How We Help

Founders Education

We offer self-paced programs led by instructors in person, virtually, or in hybrid formats. Our curriculum spans from entry-level, to advanced, to bespoke in order to fit the needs of any particular business. These models enable us to broaden our reach and impact throughout Western Canada.

Support Network

The entrepreneurial journey is not one that should be traveled alone. Our seasoned business advisors and mentors work with our entrepreneurs in over 40 areas of business needs.
They hold your hand, walk with you, and help you navigate with tested and trusted methods and principles to steer in the right direction.

Startup Services

Founders usually seek resources to get their idea to the concept stage. This is where most founders give up, fail or run out of resources. Unfortunately, most startups never get to the growth stage, and simply end with an idea. We will help reach the next step through our curriculum and product development.

Community Outreach

As the old African proverb goes, “It takes a community to raise a child.” The vision of economic inclusion and representation of BIPOC Canadians should be a collective effort. We are taking the lead in connecting our multicultural society with a range of stakeholders and resources.


Clement Esene

Executive Director

Sinmi Adeoye


Wani Alali

Board Chair

Abidemi Adebamiwa

Board Member


Adekunle Ajiboye

Richard Kayangu

Desmond McKenzie

Charles Nyabeze

Sam Oboh


Our team is driven by purpose, efficiency, and quality. We are results-oriented, embrace the opportunity to innovate in volatile times, and take bold, intentional steps to find a way forward for underserved communities. We believe and uphold the principle that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If this sounds like a fit, please contact us to let us know how you may be able to work with the BIPOC Foundation core team. For volunteer opportunities, please fill out our Volunteer Expression of Interest Form.

Standards & Policies


BIPOC Foundation is a registered non-profit based in Alberta, Canada. We are not affiliated with any political, religious, corporate, or other entities. Our partnerships and engagements are arm’s length collaborations that solely support shared interest in BIPOC Foundation’s mission.



We strive to make our vision as accessible as possible to the BIPOC community. As we encourage and welcome all current and aspiring BIPOC entrepreneurs to consider participating, we promote responsible Environmental, Social & Governance practices throughout our programs.



We document our activities for promotional and internal purposes. Participants in our programs may appear in photographs and audiovisual recordings.

We will use your contact information solely to manage and attend to your requests to us at your discretion.



We are supported by government, Corporate Social Responsibility sponsors, in-kind service providers, and donations. We do not charge participants for our offerings or keep equity in their businesses, and our offerings do not generate revenue. All funding goes towards essential operational costs of BIPOC Foundation programs.



Upon registering for our programs, participants agree to adhere to our Community Guidelines  and Code of Conduct, including to carry themselves in accordance with our values throughout BIPOC Foundation activities.



We highlight entrepreneurs to celebrate their BIPOC Foundation related success, promote their business opportunities that have resulted from our programs, demonstrate delivery on our mission, attract the next class of entrepreneurs, and set positive examples.

Our publications do not represent BIPOC Foundation concurrence with any organization or persons on any issue unless explicitly stated by BIPOC Foundation in connection with our mission.

Characterizations of BIPOC Foundation or uses of BIPOC Foundation indicia by third parties are unofficial unless otherwise stated by BIPOC Foundation.


Governing Law

BIPOC Foundation activities are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, and participating parties submit to the jurisdiction of courts of competent
jurisdiction in the Province of Alberta.