Finance Fridays

Black entrepreneurs lack corporate finance literacy programs designed to support them in unlocking capital. During 12 weeks, Finance Fridays facilitates short and long term decision-making while maximizing success potentials and shareholder value.

Who this program is for

Business owners who have yet to set financial targets for their employees 

Founders who need help with company forecasting, retreats and strategy sessions

Businesses needing to train their team to understand their numbers to drive growth


Finance Fridays consists of a sequence of four series. Each series features four weekly virtual sessions. Join us for all four series from start to finish, or choose an individual series that applies most to you today.

Series 1: Pricing Your Product or Service

  • Retaining cash after paying your suppliers
  • Factor in critical costs to your unit cost/selling price
  • Ensure you are never short-changed in your pricing
  • Cost template provided for fixing your prices

Series 2: Financial Forecasting

  • Requires no background in finance 
  • Techniques for building your industry assumptions
  • Pre-built modeling architecture and relatable case studies
  • Financial forecast that other stakeholders can understand

Series 3: Evaluating your Market Potentials

  • Determine product/market fit
  • Understand your unique competitive advantage

Series 4: Getting Investors’ Attention

  • Access up to 3 Classes Monthly
  • Includes two pitch deck templates

“I used to see finance, numbers and technology as complex things to hire a specialist for, but now EJ has given me the confidence, and inspiration to understand my numbers, and love them.”

FF Participant 1

“Great experience, very engaging instructor, and extremely helpful and useful information for my business.”

FF Participant 2

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