In the dynamic world of fintech, where innovation and convenience intersect, InTuition Pay emerges as a game-changer. As a contender for the esteemed Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech $300,000 Award, this cutting-edge and timely startup has not only captured massive attention but also exemplifies the transformative impact of the BIPOC Foundation Acceleration Program.  

What does InTuition Pay offer?


Imagine paying your tuition fees in minutes, with no hidden fees, no currency conversion hassles, and no worries about security. That’s what Intuition Pay offers to students and universities around the world. The company’s participation in the BIPOC Foundation Acceleration Program provided them with the necessary guidance and resources to bring their vision to life. During the intensive 10-week accelerator program, Intuition Pay turned their vision into reality. They received comprehensive training in various aspects of entrepreneurship, including idea validation, funding approval, and customer discovery. Therefore, this holistic support equipped them to navigate the complex fintech landscape and set them up for success.  


Intuition Pay Website

Visit Intuition Pay’s website to download their app now.


What does BIPOC Foundation offered?


The BIPOC Foundation Acceleration Program was the gateway for Intuition Pay to access a vast network of funders, partners, and resources. This invaluable ecosystem enabled the company to forge strategic collaborations, explore potential investments, and harness essential tools for growth. Intuition Pay gained the momentum necessary to propel their vision forward through these connections. InTuition Pay’s innovative payment system is set to disrupt the traditional methods of international tuition payments. By leveraging technology and user-centric design, they are reshaping the way students and universities engage in financial transactions. This disruption benefits international students and streamlines university administrative processes, creating a win-win solution for all stakeholders.


Their remarkable journey, propelled by their participation in the BIPOC Foundation Acceleration Program, demonstrates the power of combining vision, innovation, and strategic support. Intuition Pay’s journey as they vie for the Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Award stands as a beacon of inspiration and a resounding testament to the immense possibilities that lie ahead for BIPOC community members in Western Canada, particularly those who embark on the transformative path of the BIPOC Foundation programs. They embody the true potential of emerging BIPOC founders and entrepreneurs and display the heights they can reach. Also, they show barriers can be shattered when provided with the support and resources necessary for success. 

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Written by Frank Onuh