L.I.F.T. Business Planning

At LIFT, we understand that even the most savvy Black entrepreneurs can face hurdles in crafting the perfect business plan to connect with lenders. That’s why we’re here to guide you, hand-in-hand, through creating a Business Model Canvas and penning your business plan over 8 weeks, alongside a supportive community of 10-15 fellow entrepreneurs. Let’s rise together!

The 2023 Cohort 6 registration is open! We start on October 10th.

Who this program is for

New business owners looking to develop a roadmap for their business

Established business owners preparing to reposition their business for growth or scale

Businesses looking to secure grants or investment capital from financial institutions or investors

Small businesses planning a post-pandemic recovery roadmap

Key takeaways

Business Model Creation, Business Model Canvas, Business Structure Options, Value Proposition Design, Business Environment Analysis, Business Plan Creation, Business Planning, Business Finance, Investment Readiness, Grants & Funding Readiness

What to expect

We help you understand entrepreneurial fundamentals and apply business frameworks to prepare you for the opportunities ahead. You will learn about how to start-up, create a business model, generate a unique value proposition to better connect customers to your business, and then work on starting your business plan through weekly workshops with real time guidance along the way.  At the end of the program, Business Advisor Lorietta Abarshi will review your plan and help you with the next steps towards activating it while considering how to be ready for future business finance.



Business Model Canvas Creation

  • Nine building blocks of model canvas creation
  • Generating your custom business model


Value Proposition Design

  • Business Positioning
  • Customer Experience and Product/Service Capability.
  • In-Depth Review of Target Market


Company Overview & Customer Analysis

  • Company overview
  • Target customers
  • Customer needs


Industry Analysis & Competitive Analysis

  • Market overview
  • Relevant market size
  • Direct competitors
  • Indirect competitors


Marketing Plan

  • Products, services, pricing
  • Distribution plan
  • Promotions plan


Management Team & Operations Plan

  • Management team members
  • Management team gaps
  • Board members


Financial Plan & Executive Summary

  • Executive summary
  • Revenue model
  • Financial highlights
  • Funding requirements/use of funds
  • Exist strategy
  • Appendix


Complete Business Plan Review

  • Review of full business plan
  • Assessment of grants & funding readiness

Lorietta Abarshi


Lorietta Abarshi is a Financial Professional with 9 years of experience in the Financial Industry providing consultation services to business owners across Canada.

Helping business owners build a successful and profitable business, providing strategic planning and implementation. Lorietta enacts a result-driven approach to meeting growing demands and guides many of her clients through every stage of business development.

Lorietta is highly skilled in Business Management, Portfolio Management, Business Planning, Risk Management, Credit Planning, and Business Consultation. She is passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to gain knowledge of their respective industries and make quality decisions regarding their business.

Her goal at BIPOC Foundation is to provide the right resources in compliance with government funding and loan policies, help clients develop financial plans, help clients develop and grow their businesses ideas from implementation to completion, and maintain long-lasting relationships with Black Entrepreneurs by understanding their needs and resolving inquiries.

Top 5 Industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Service Industries

Top 5 Skills:

  • Business Finance
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Policy, Regulations & Business Licensing



Wani Alali


Wani Alali is an acquisition entrepreneur, Investor, and growth advisor. With educational background in economics, public policy and applied and computational mathematics, Wani has over 10 years of experience across different sectors including central banking, oil and gas, eCommerce, non- profit field research & assessments and finance. He is the founder of Alpha Plexus (a lower middle-market business acquisition and alternative financing company) and co-founder of Lottanna (a commodity focused trading company).

As an acquisition entrepreneur, Wani understands the challenges of managing small and medium sized businesses, whether it be product development, capital raising, structuring an exitable business, creating value-based offers and scaling businesses. Wani regularly provides business growth advisory services to a portfolio of companies owned by himself and his partners in the services, manufacturing, technology, and distribution sectors. As a Tecconnect Business Advisor, Wani is interested in helping business owners to build profitable and high-impact businesses that can scale without them through leveraged sales, bankable profits, scalable impact and transferable value strategies.

In the near future, he intends to explore opportunities where he can incorporate design and mathematical algorithms into modern technologies. Wani currently sits on the board of BIPOC Foundation – a foundation that supports entrepreneurs with education and funding to transform ideas into business innovations.

Top 5 Industries:

  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Technology

Top 5 Skills:

  • Market Research
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Policy, Regulations & Business Licensing
  • Scaling up / Growth
  • Tech/Innovation