Why Mentorship

Many early stage founders try beginning the entrepreneurial journey alone and lack the guidance to see it through. We take a bespoke approach to personally providing you with subject matter expertise to help navigate your challenges over time.

Who this program is for

Early stage founders looking for direction and guidance

Entrepreneurs looking to network with other entreprenuers in their industry

Those who want to be part of a solution that helps BIPOC entrepreneurs break through barriers in business success

Experienced entrepreneurs looking to pay it forward through mentoring

1-2-1 Paired Format

Mentees will setup SMART goals, and check in with curated expert mentors on a monthly basis to ensure they develop.

12 month duration

Structured & unstructured approach

Goals focused mentoring plan

Guided program with quarterly Follow-up

Rolling program, with placements made monthly

Program requirements, standards, expectations

  • Minimum time commitment – 1-hour meeting, once every month
  • Minimum 12 mentorship meetings during the 12-month placement
  • Our program is goals driven, as a mentee in our program you will set SMART goals for further development
  • Success in our program will require commitment to the mentoring experience by ensuring time is set aside for the mentorship meetings
  • Take initiative in preparing for your mentorship meetings and be willing to receive feedback from your mentor
  • Set out time outside of your monthly meetings to actively work on achieving the goals you have set
  • Submit post meeting acknowledgement form to track progress
  • Complete post program feedback survey upon completion of the 12-month cohort session

Enroll the program

Additional Program Features

Mentorship Circle

  • Virtual learning series
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Supplemental information to aid your entrepreneurial journey

Mentorship Talk

  • Recorded series
  • Featuring industry leader
  • Strategies and techniques for success

We invite experienced business leaders to speak on their subject matter area of expertise, engage in technical discussions about their industry, and share a piece of their entrepreneur journey with our audience.