The Table

A safe peer-to-peer learning space for small groups of entrepreneurs to freely discuss their challenges in a roundtable format, make friends, and offer lessons learned in their experience to help each other navigate their journeys.

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The Table runs every Wednesday at 6:30pm MST with regular guest, and we welcome new guests to participate. To be invited to The Table, email

About the Format

Small Groups

Each entrepreneur has an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences.

Interactive Experience

Digital tools keep the conversation collaborative and engaging. 

Moderated Discussion

Expert guidance maintains pace, surfaces insights, and galvanizes takeaways.

Themed Sessions

Experts provide education on the most overlooked skills and subjects.

Safe Space

Intimate closed groups encourage transparency, openness, and vulnerability.

Deep Connection

Entrepreneurs form bonds and build a community they can rely on.

About the Moderator

Raashi Saxena

Raashi Saxena

Recognized by World Economic Forum among Six Inspirational Young Female Leaders, Raashi is a Global Shaper as part of a network of Hubs developed and led by exceptional young people making a significant contribution to their local communities. As a Fellow at The DO School in India, she established a community partnership between Global Shapers Community led Shaping Fashion project and UN Women, WeEmpower Asia and Do School, and is one of the 300 leaders of the 2020 Women Deliver Young Leaders Program represented by 96 countries. Raashi is also a Community Partnerships Strategist with ISM Arts & Culture.